The Highlights Film - This is our most popular film, the one to share with your friends and family. This is the one to treasure for a lifetime! Imagine it like a film trailer of your perfect day. 

THE FIRST DANCE - Lots of dancing set to the song of your first dance. What song will you choose? DECISIONS,DECISIONS!  

THE CEREMONY - Sit down, maybe open a bottle of wine and look back on the most important part of your day. A good film for closer friends and family. 

THE SPEECHES - Who doesn't like the speeches? It's fun to look back on those nervous, sometimes hiliarous  and emotional moments of the day. 

 EXTRA'S BELOW - only on request. 

MARRYOKE - Never heard of a Marryoke? Watch the film above!! This one's funny.

VHS Version - Do you have any old home movies? Check out the film above and let us know what you think.